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DiversiTea Legal:

An Intimate Tea Talk

DiversiTea-Legal focused on the law profession and provided the students with real-life information about the life of a lawyer, the trials of being women lawyers, the billable hour requirements, the difference between the types of occupations that are open to lawyers. 

DiversiTea Legal

"Service is the rent that you pay for room on this earth"

- Shirley Chrisholm

Meet our Scholars

In partnership with the ACC Foundation, DiversiTea Legal is proud to award scholarships to our lucky mentees Caitlin Douglas, Shavon Fletcher, Madison Torry and Alaa Abderlrahman.


Special thanks to Nia Weeks and Citizen SHE United for allowing us to grant not three but four scholarships for this year's an Intimate Tea Talk. Congratulations to all our scholars!

"Do not get weary in this political climate. Do not underestimate your power..."

- Nia Weeks


Thank you Sponsors...

Thank you to the firms who invested time, sponsorship funds and swag to help our students succeed. Thank you to the mentors who gave authentic truths about their experiences and their lives. Thank you to the mentees for investing in your future. This is the start of a great relationship.

To keep your momentum moving forward. Thank you all for your participation and support in mentoring and building the legal minds of tomorrow.

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Thank you for Sponsoring the DiversiTea Legal An Intimate Tea Talk event last November 6,

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